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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So I'm back to the grind again, making vids, taking sets and I'm back to loving my work. I can't tell you how great it feels. It's strange to think a month ago i was in a much different situation. All I can think about now is how happy and lucky I am that i didnt fall down that rabbit hole. I almost let life pass me by, I almost became what i so strongly stand against. Here I am, back to being me, back to doing what i always wanted to do.

Yea, i do adult modeling, yea dudes cum to my fat body, the fantasy of me. But there is so much more to it for me. I don't consider people who enjoy my work "fans" exactly, they're more like friends who happen to enjoy and get off on the same things I do. The fact I can help women and men be true to themselves and have a better and more meaningful life is the best part! And getting to show how sexy and beautiful i feel is a pretty big perk too!

Back to the point of this blog, I'm going to be spending more time on www.allbbwcams.com again. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of really great people. Not sure if anyone has been there, but you should check it out, there are a lot of gorgeous girls too. I like to use it mainly for chatting but sometimes do private shows if requested. I'm not really looking to make big bucks from the site, i just really enjoy getting to talk with my "fans" and hearing how their lives are. It's great that i share my life but sometimes its nice to know what's going on in yours too.

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  1. im glad your doing okay kellie, im supporting you all the way.