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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lots of new updates

Just wanted to drop a quick line and tell ya to check out my new vids on WWW.clips4sale.com/21475 and sets on my site! I have a lot of new content coming but still needs edited.
How is everyone? Me? Busy as usual but loving it none the less! Xoxoxoxo

Also I'm adding a goofy picture from a camping trip, you know me, I'm one with nature! Haha

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  1. I can't access your website but my ship lets me access your blog, which is cool. I am deployed, out to sea (NAVY). I love what pics I have seen of you and your blog is pretty darn cool too.

    As for how am I, or doing? Well... Well out to sea for 45+ days but good none the less.