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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Personal Update and Happy Fatty Dance!

It's been a little bit since I've filled you guys in on my life so here you go! I've been busy with visitors here at fat camp and house hunting. I'm looking for to the holidays and life just keeps getting bigger and better all the time. At the end of this 7 minute clip I show off my curves and then I added my happy fatty dance video too! This might be a little embarrassing but hey why not? I just figured out how to do "assisted touch" for my vine videos and I got so excited i was doing a little silly dance in my undies, i thought it might be fun to film it! I jiggle all over the place and have fun showing off my growing curves, its like you can almost feel me jiggle! Look at home this belly has grown and my ass is looking bigger and rounder than ever! I goggled and act goofy in this one but it sure was fun! I look so huuuuge! My clips! Ps- i went a little crazy trying to makes gifs, sorry! Vine with me!!! - SSBBWKellieKay