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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Pittsburgh

I'm all kinds of in love with you. Moving there? yea, i think so.

While visiting for personal reasons i was able to do some site seeing with some close friends!

Was seriously one of the best days ever.

Life's short, i'm living mine to the fullest!


  1. Love your outfit Kelley! Beautiful!

  2. We can always use more BBWs here :D

  3. Love this pic, you are just so delectable! :) Keep on thriving! ;)

  4. WOW!

    y'all are stunning. Do the people of Pittsburgh realize how lucky they are they got to see the three of you walking around, being so awesome?

  5. You and juicy make a great pair and both of you are in my top ten gave ssbbws on the net and also helped this soldier get through two deployments and for that I thank both of you don't
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    On yahoo msg audiguy007

  6. Yes, yes, YESSSS!!! Please move here! I would love to have your lovely self in my lovely city and lavish lovely food upon you, maybe show you the hidden gems?