Feed Me!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


For the past 8 years I've been my own feeder, I guess that makes me more of a foodee gainer, I'm more than ready for a real, loving, helpful feeder...

Tell me about your experiences in feederism...


  1. Hey Kellie -- I've been a feeder for a while, but I've never had the fortune to be with someone as big and beautiful as you. I'd consider it an honor to help you reach your gaining goals. I don't know if you're single or taken by some lucky guy, but if you're in need of encouragement from someone, just reply to this post and maybe we can get in touch. Have a great day!

  2. let me say that from the bottom of my hear i had always admire a woman like u. since i first laid eyes on you 5 yrs ago and 200lbs lighter never would i thought in seen grown this big. seeing you now is a look like no other, never have i thought a fantsy can become a reality. , you were my first ssbbw crush i had. when i first saw you i was amazed, how can a woman this big be any beautfiul. but as see now i can see that instread of age, you get beautiful by weight. seeing you now, bigger than before is an exciment and i would love to be your personal chef
    . i would love to feed you right.
    first i would have you relax in your favorite couch, watch as you sit on your throne, see your belly just be free, then i would start with appetizer the lunch, dinner and the dessert.

  3. I wish i had even a single story...but im a total foodie\feedie virgin. Oy! you start by sharing a story:)

  4. Hi Kellie.

    My name is Kim and I'm a 29 year old guy from Sweden. I don't have any recent experience in feeding someone but I'm sure that I would be GREAT at it :D

    My biggest dream would be to be your feeder, take care of you and stuff you all day long for the rest of our life.

    I have been working as a fashion-model since I was 17 until now so I have all the money we need to both have a good life and keep you HUGE! :)

    Damn you are soooo beautiful.... I would love to chat with you on MSN or phone some day, so I can convince you that I'm your best pick. :)

    Love from Sweden


  5. would love to be your feeder. do you have yahoo messenger?

  6. Your time is coming, hope you find love.

  7. Tina hanson68athotmaildotcomJanuary 22, 2012 at 5:56 PM

    Wow..You're lucky girl. I would give anything to find a feeder. I was married to my husband for 8 years and all he did was tell me to lose weight and when i didnt he eventually left me. I would love more than anything in life to have someone just let me eat and be me :)

    P.S you are so super beautiful

    P.P.S guys feel free to message lol

    1. That's unbelieveable :/
      Why be with a larger lady and then demand that they slim down?? Madness!

      Anyway, good luck with your gaining, sincerely hope you can reach the dimensions you desire, wish I could help :)