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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finally a rainy day!

There's one thing i hate about summer, i fall behind on computer stuff! I just cant help it, all i wanna do is be outside in the sun, well when its not 100+ degrees out!

Today is dreary and rainy so i'll be busy edited and updating both my site and clips4sale store. I will be updating c4s automatically for the next 2 months every 3 days! Yea, when Tori comes to town, i get work done! She's such an inspiration!

How is everyone enjoying their summer? Can you believe its almost over?!

To be honest I'm excited for fall its my favorite time of year, plus i'll be in Maine. Boston and NY!


  1. im looking to see more videos of you... and also of course more of your wonderful body =)

  2. love to see ya in flipflop pics and videos.