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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Frustration at its finest!

2 days ago my external hardrive stopped working, then yesterday my phone no longer charges and it died, then after that my computer crashed 4 times... then this morning my roommate accidentally locked my keys in my car while it was running... i called a 15 minute locksmith b/c i was going to be late... It was $150 which is 3 times the normal $50 of a tow truck but i had to leave ASAP... 2 hours later they show up... they still made me pay the $150 even though they were so late. I missed my meeting. Then fed ex brings me a package... it was so strongly smelling of smoke i had a bad allergic reaction and they package had to be put outside. Then when i opened it i realized it was the dress i got just for the NYE Bash. It's terrible. Like the cheapest material and badly made, and i dont have time to return it for something better... Kinda wanna go back to bed and sleep off this terrible day.

I hate being a whiner b/c my life is filled with great people, great things and great times but today is a complete fucking mess...

Hopefully when i go to the Sprint store tonight they can fix my phone... Just FYI- The HTC EVO 4G is awful! lol

I hate being in a bad mood... yuck...

This too shall pass, just roll with the punches Kellie! lol


  1. Awww hun, I hope you're feeling a bit better by now! Know that I'm here for you and like all bad things, like you say, it shall pass quickly.

    Take care and check your PMs. :)

  2. Hey kellie I've had the EVO since day one, and I love it. I've only had the speaker go out on me a few time. but it really sounds like a day from hell. it may be a little cold but you should have gone over to coldstone for your favorite shake, when you were able to get into your car. A few extra calories is always a good part of the day.

  3. :( KELLIE!!! -GOD- that sucks. I really hope your "day from hell" is behind you as i seems to have been yesterday, and may I recommend the LG Optimus? Thats a great Android phone! Sprint/Metro PCS/Virgin Mobile. Optimus S i think for Sprint. I have Virgin Mobile.. same network, no contract, 300 minutes, UNLIMITED text/WEB :D/Data.. $25 a month ($35 for new subscribers.) :D

    Btw, would you like a 5lbs Hershey Bar? When is the next time you will be on JustBBWCams here? http://justbbwcams.com/profile.php?id=150 I could get one for you ;)I really, really love your gaining. TTYS i hope! THANK YOU!!! :)