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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy Bee

I have been neglecting this little place of mine and I feel bad about it. At the same time I don't because of why. Remember when i said life was awesome and couldn't get any better? I was wrong. I feel like everything just keep getting bigger, better, brighter. For the past couple month I've been on the search for new bigger and better place. Not that I don't love my home... I just need more, more yard, more rooms and most importantly, bigger kitchen. HA This hasn't been easy at all, I have the perfect fat house, but it's a rarity and I feel like I'm never gonna find a house like this. I don't mind stairs, I'll do them for the right house. Guess what's coming up LABOR DAY! I can't wait, i miss everyone so much. You should go, its a blast! Alright I'm really j
ust babbling, how about some photos?! lol


  1. hola Kellie, no me conoces, o tal vez no me recuerdes. espero hables o leas o entiendas español, o mejor te hablo en ingles?. ok.. hi Kellie, i´m Mauricio from far far away... Mexico. yeah that little strange country full of problems. but i wanted to tell you that... i know don´t, i think... you are awesome, for real, where can i write you down?. i want to tell you sooo many things.. my mail is alicia3x@hotmail.com

  2. Hi! I'm kInd Of a closet admirer, and I love your work! You are amazing, and sexy, and not ashamed of your body! I would love to. Be able to talk with you! My email is always open: badsplicer@gmail.com