Feed Me!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok, it is absolutely GORGEOUS out today so i gotta make this quick! I'm putting in a vegetable and fruit garden and it's gonna take me a while to 'til the field! boooo for hard sweaty labor, maybe that should be a set? haha I have a ton of new updates coming this week plus the ones i already posted! Both on www.ssbbwkelliekay.com and www.clips4sale.com/21475 I've been in the working mood and i have all kinds of new ideas for videos and sets. Tell me what you want, i know some of my fans arent into feederism and thats ok! If there's something you'd like to more of just let me know! It makes me feel great to know I can make someone else smile by just being my big ol fat self! lol


  1. luv to see closeups of your legs&feet

  2. also if you can do foot crushing objects!!!!

  3. also would like to see a video of you shaking the ground while walking, like on a wooded floor.