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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RIP laptop and camera!

I'm laying in bed... updating... this is awesome. Maybe this evo isn't so bad. In not a huge fan of super techy cell phones but this is pretty awesome. So is the video calling! And the gps, the mp3 player, the fun apps, oh and ya know the whole phone thing... ha

So life has been going pretty darn well, besides my little sick kitty, I've been traveling, meeting new people, enjoying life... but when things are going well there has to be a storm a brewing! Haha

Sadly my HD camera and my laptop died within days of each other... I should be mad and upset but truth be told, its time for an upgrade! Anyone have any suggestions on either thing? Let me know! Xox

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  1. Hi Kellie,

    Excellent Blog, I must say - I'm really happy your kitten got better :)

    If I can, I'd love to suggest you some options for a new laptop and camera - I'm an engineering student and seem to bury myself in all this tech stuff, so hopefully I will be of some use. Please excuse this for being a bit of an essay.

    For the laptop, may I ask a few questions before I make a recommendation:
    -What is your approximate budget?
    -What kind of intensive things do you plan to do with it (eg. surf the web with loads of tabs, edit images, edit/transcode video, play games, play HD video files).
    -Would you like/need any special features included (eg. a blu-ray drive, a 3D screen, eSATA connection, HDMI video output, dock connection).
    -What kind of size would you like it to be (the most popular laptop sizes are aroudn 15in, however lightwieght capable laptops are now availble in much smaller sizes).

    With this info I should be able to show you a range of laptops that meet your needs and budget from a range US of retailers.

    As for the HD camera, may I just clarify, is this a HD webcam, stills or video camera you are trying to replace? Again, may I ask what kind of budget you are looking at?

    Kind Regards,