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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hello beautiful day!

I have a ton of new updates on my sites and also with www.justbbwcams.com!

I have a little more free time right now and i want to take the opportunity to do some cam shows for those who have been requesting me to do so! Send me an email with what you'd like to see and when and we'll set up a date! If you're not comfortable with using that website and would rather do it privately through paypal and yahoo just let me know :) kellie_kay_bbwpinup@yahoo.com

I hope everyone is doing well! xox

This is from today when i went hiking and decided to take a set and video... just when i was about to lift my shirt a tiny skinny girl who was jogging happened to come around the corner, OOOPS!


  1. Kellie,

    1) You look amazing
    2) there is a missing h in the link you just posted. (Should be http)

  2. At 400 lbs I wouldn't be jogging, but it'd be a pleasant surprise seeing you while rounding a corner. :)

  3. E-mail sent, from jcorbi82@lavabit.com!! :D Im starting work tonight, so sometime in November i can sure do that :)

    You look INCREDIBLE, and i posted a link to your blog on mine! Here is a link to mine. :D http://freshleyj.blogspot.com/

    Also feel free to send me one back, things are starting to pick up! Thanks. - Joseph (Freshley Smith!) :D


  4. Kellie you don't know me (my names Jack) but I'm inspired by your work and it'd be cool if we could hang out sometime when I visit the U.S.

  5. Id love to be trampled by you!

    Please check your Yahoo inbox you put up as to videos and Yahoo messenger! :)

  6. You are gorgeous. I hope you showed that skinny jogging chick what a real woman looks like.