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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Bash 2012

Just a few :)


  1. OINK OINK Kelly Belly!

    OINK OINK Kelly Belly!

    OINK OINK Kelly Belly!

    OINK OINK Kelly Belly!

  2. I LOVE these pics, but of course I'm biased in favor of you, sweet Kellie.

    I have this new theory that you are a reincarnated princess from the 1500s, beloved by your subjects, who all helped you to blossom and grow by feeding you fine food and drink all day long while a team of fine men fanned you and saw to your every need.

    Then, once every few months, you were carted through the village, waving and smiling left and right to crowds of adoring subjects.

    As you passed and then vanished from view, the following comments were heard:

    "Forsooth! Didst thou witness how much larger her highness' belly has grown?"

    "Aye! And each of her thighs appear as large as yon fine 100-year-old oak tree."

    "Methinks her highness may toppeth 500 pounds soon."

    "Knave! It is common knowledge that Princess Kellie has passed the holy 500 mark, and by the time the moon riseth this time next year, the number may indeed be 6-and-change."

    "I dare not wish, but only hope, that some day her highness debark from her chariot and greet us, that we might observe the royal waddle."

    "Aye! We have seeneth the relentless swelling of the royal double belly, but not the glory of her highness' doorway-sized behind. A peasant such as I can only imagine the holy sight of thousands of craters of royal folds, rolls and cellulite before me."

    Wives were heard to say:

    "O! Witness mine own pathetic waist, mine own thin thighs! Would it were that I could spend my days and nights feasting as her highness does, and grow so large as to require 6 knaves to pull my royal cart!"

    "Yon mirror showeth my face to be angular - how I wisheth in the night for her royal highness' full face and double chin."


    PillsburyO -etc! :)

  3. Very nice!!

    btw, who's the fat one?


  4. Very nice. You are so beautiful Kellie. I only wish I could have been there. You look like you were having such a good time! :@)

  5. You guys look great together.

  6. Wow,I mean what can I say? Kellie,you're stunning.Your beauty actually kind of overwhelms me.And your personality?From what I can tell,you're confident and sexy,yet humble.I'll bet you've heard this a lot,but I think your my ideal woman.Please,please keep updating this blog and the bigger the better!