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Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh i should also do my job!

I almost forgot to mention I updated my site with a new weigh in, I still can't get over how great gaining has been this past month has been!

I also updated my C4S too!

It may seem crazy, but i feel like i become more beautiful with every pound i gain... i feel so much sexier... happier, and im so lucky to get to share it with people who feel the same.


  1. Well - I certainly agree you're a beautiful lady, and that you have been getting prettier and sexier as time goes by. "Here's looking at you, kid".

  2. I'm glad you're so happy, Kellie; that purple shirt looks fantastic on you! :-)

  3. My dear KellieKay--

    this is my first post to you, and may I say thou art the scrumptious-est lady on the net! I wish you fun and adventure on your trip...be careful out there on the highway, and come back safe, ya hear? :) BBMS

  4. If I join your site, I get your videos and pics by e-mail, right? You can e-mail me back here. By the way, love your work. You are the best ssbbw out there :^)