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Monday, August 2, 2010


Right now I'm supposed to be painting buuuuuut I'd rather be eating cookies and watching terrible shows on TLC hahaha A little break won't hurt anyone!

Next weekend is my housewarming party, I'm so excited to have all the people i love so much under one roof for a weekend! A lot of people who havent had the chance to meet yet! It's gonna be great. Thank goodness I finally found a patio set that can seat a lot of my guests! All of which has been customized to be fatty friendly! So now i have seating for 25! Now what do i do with the rest of the 10 people who RSVP'ed?! AHHHH! I was thinking about making some floor pillows, i myself have always been a floor sitter, since i was a little kid and there was only enough room for 3 on the couch, me being the youngest got the floor. Honestly I prefer it, but i have a feeling the bigger i get the less I'll want to do that! lol The scary thing about this party is the 8 people coming from out of state who will be staying here, that's gonna be one fun sleepover! haha

So my house is pretty much finished now, minus the bedroom! I jsut can't decide what i want... I can't think of a theme I love. HELP! I think the biggest problem is that the master bedroom has a greenish tanish carpet, its neutral but i'm afraid to do the room in wine like i want... Ugh I still have a little more time to fix it up before the party, it'll come to me right?

Also I'm going to my stylist to change my look yet again, i thought i wanted to go blonde but then i saw how terrible it looked on someone that had a similar skin tone to mine, so washed out and dead, i'm now afraid of that happening to me! lol I'm going darker, something sexy with more depth to it. I can't wait to see what she does! Also i might lose the bangs, still not sure.

Oh i almost forgot to mention, i've looked into culinary schools, applied to a few, yea, i think it's time to take my passion for cooking and cooking for others to the next level! A friend I had in college has some spaces downtown for commercial use and its very affordable and he has multiple spots and locations available. i went to the bank and looked into a loan and have been talking with my financial adviser about opening a cafe for people and their pets. Yep, my life long dream! I havent started yet, i want to be fully aware of everything before i jump in, yes i took some business classes, i also did go to vet school for a hot second so i know a little bit about things, but i need to know more.

I've been shooting a lot of new sets and videos too, i love the new lighting kit and studio, i will be shooting a lot of other models too. I'll be sure to share of course!

It feels good to realize where you're going in life and knowing that opportunities are endless... This is just the beginning.

Back to work!



  1. Cat update, please!

  2. When do we get an update on Puffy Kitty? I want to know her name and how she's doing.

  3. i did! 2 posts ago! haha :) Shes doing wonderful, you should see her! Sooo sweet!

  4. Please post more pictures of her, or of the two of you. And we need to know her name!!!