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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yep you guessed it, I added some new videos to my clips4sale store. Will I ever find a playground I can play on? I can't stop getting STUCK!


  1. Kellie do you think you might write a bit or make a video about your feelings towards stucks? similar to your walking post i guess. feel free to kill boners, i'm just curious :)

    have you encountered them in your life outside pinups & videos?

    do you enjoy stucks and outgrowing things and places or do you mainly do it to fulfill requests? or is it a fantasy vs reality thing?

    fear seems to underline some of the videos. is it thrilling/suspenseful for you? or a claustrophobia, or a "call 911, get the jaws of life and the news crew" fear? is the worry grounded in any experience or just imagining a worst-case scenario?

    just thought i'd ask cause you're one of the few women kind enough to do these videos regularly (and the rare woman big enough to make you believe getting stuck is a possibility).

    thank you!

  2. i think that's a GREAT idea! i now know my next update :) thanks!

  3. 1 question how do u get out of these tight spots lol can u get out on ur own or do u have some 1 there to pull /push but i LOVE ur stuck seans

  4. If I were there I would've placed my hands on your enormous butt and pushed with all my might. Maybe even spank you.

  5. I wouldn't let you back out I would've placed my hands on your elephant sized butt and pushed.