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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's talk about Sex BAY BEE!

OK so i get this question a lot "How do you have sex at your size?"

The real question is, how do I not?!

Let me be honest. It's better than ever! I'm not sure what it is exactly but with every pound I gain, the better the sex is. Maybe it's the mechanics, bigger belly tightens the pussy, aka better stimulation (although sometimes its too tight and too painful, but like i said, ALMOST) or is it the psychological aspect? I simply feel sexier, more confident, happier! Feeling how soft my skin is, how full and supple it is now. It's like every pound makes my body softer. And lets face it, there is NOTHING hotter than thinking I'm 3 or 4 times the size of my partner, be it girl or guy. I love knowing how huge I am compared to you. Not that I don't love fellow fatties. You know I do!

Yes maybe there are one or two things I can't do, like car sex or stand up sex. But the benefits of what I have now (cake sex! lol) makes it so worth it. I can do any position I want, fatties can be pretty flexible, at least the ones I know are. And big girls on top? THE BEST!

So if you haven't had the pleasure of being with a SSBBW because you're afraid it wont work, trust me, it will!


  1. SSBBW's rule the doggystyle position IMHO. In fact, just thinking about Kellie Kay bending over gets me in THE MOOD :)

  2. It's weird when people ask how ssbbw's have sex. It's like they don't have any imagination. I cannot begin to tell you how many times people have asked me how it was possible for me to be intimate with my girlfriends. For every position that I cannot do with a SSBBW, there are lots more that I can do with them that I couldn't never do with a skinny girl. I look forward to reading more blog posts. You've fast become an expert on all matters fat, Good luck with your continued weight gain.

  3. that monet pales in comparison

  4. Kellie, your my soul mate, I just love to wake up in the morning with my ass backed up into a SSBBW.
    nothing feels better than feeling her hot sexy naked belly and pushed up into me. And i roll over and kiss your sweet tongue and rub your hot wet clit and I love it when you roll over on top of me and slide your hot tight wet pussy down so slow over my huge throbbing cock. you must lay all your 500+lbs on me and fuck me so hard. My cock gets so cummy wet as I rub it up and down hard just thinking about you Kellie my Kay. you make me cum. I love my hot sexy lady 3 times the size of me, yummy so turn on to me. wear your hot sexy clothes that shows your body for me. the other guys can see you and wish they can have some. i love when you tease them and kiss me . Yes I' weird but so turned on, with a hard on.

    I Love You
    Kellie Kay

  5. You should totally have a sex video on your site! With you and another ssbbw, like Jacqulyn! That'd be totally hot.