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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thankful Thoughts

A couple years ago i met a really sweet FA named Glenn, we became good friends quickly and i felt at ease to talk to him about anything. During that time i hit a really rough spot and he was there to help me out. Afterwords we both got busy in our lives and lost touch but about a year ago we picked up where we left off! And honestly i felt like we became closer b/c of everything we went through! So why am I writing all of this?

A few weeks ago i was planning a trip with my roomies to the Jersey bash and about a day before we were supposed to leave something came up and it was looking impossible for us to go, when Glenn heard he jumped right up and made sure we all were able to afford the trip and he even helped out Cara Cakes, a long time friend of mine who i havent been able to see in a long time. We all went to the bash and had a wonderful time. If it werent for Glenn about 6 of us wouldnt have been able to get there and see each other.

Even though i'm still under the weather and really busy with things i wanted to take time out to thank him for being a wonderful friend to all of us and helping us get the much needed break we needed.

Glenn you're a wonderful person inside and out. I appreciate all the things you've done for me and my friends and i know i'm not alone in thinking this!

I've made a video stating all of this but i honestly dont have time right now to sit down, upload and post it. Just know that this guy is one and a million and i know we will be friends for a very long time!

Thanks Glenn, for everything! We love you!

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