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Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitty Update.

Since there are a lot of people wondering how kitty is i thought i'd update about it.

When i took kitty to the vet the next morning i found out he is a she! Her fur was so matted i mistook it for balls. lol She had every test ran on her and everything came back negative! The vet did say she needed to gain at least 2 pounds, she's 6 months old and only weighs about 2 pounds, even Ella who is 3 months weighs more than that! They told me she wouldn't have lasted one more day out there. Breaks my heart, she's so sweet.

It's funny, I'm not a cat person, but when something like this just happens, you just know what you need to do. And now? I love those kitties, although my boys are my heart. I'm so thankful my house is big enough for all of us. I'm also thankful I have such well behaved kids, they make life stress free and I love them for that.

Have i named her? No, i can't seem to find what would fit her best, she looks like a Petunia to me, but I'm still not sure.

She is still super shy and frail, she only comes out at night to come cuddle, she doesnt mind the doggies but her and El pretty much despise each other haha but I hear that's pretty normal for cats.

Wow as soon as i typed that guess who came out to the living room? Yep, she came up to me, made her sad meow and did that cute little head bump for pets. What a sweetheart! But when El came over she booked it for her room, yea she's turned my office into her room! I don't mind, she fit well in there.

Everyday she grows stronger, and i could swear she seems brighter, her eyes are more open now and she holds her head higher too.

I know she's been through hell and back but with me her days will be filled with happiness.

It's bedtime for me. Thank goodness for this King sized bed, we all fit just right! I'm gonna hate the day they'll no longer be able to sleep with me, but for now i'll enjoy it!

Here's is another one of puffy Kitty, the night after i found her, she's beautiful.

Anyone have any ideas for a name?!


  1. Oh KK she is such a little doll. I love happy endings. It is so heartwarming that she is getting all the love she missed before.

    I think she needs a sort of retro name like maybe Phoebe or Lilly. Or like "Tiger Lilly" but Lilly for short. Or maybe Gracie which is retro but also sort of appropriate that you came into her life when she needed you.

  2. I did a search for Clevland hula hoop class and your blog appeared! I'm an animal rescuer - Kudos to you!!

  3. Fun! You should come to the one they have in parma, it's wonderful!!!