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Thursday, July 22, 2010

People make me sick.

Tonight it started to storm at hula hoop class so i jumped into the van with my niece and started to head home... i noticed something small and white off the side of the road... it looked like an animal so i stopped.

Sure enough it was a small, dirty kitten... he tried to stand up and made a horrible meow at me, he didnt run, he couldnt... Once i took him into the car he hardly even noticed Jack... it was like he was just about to give up on life.

You know the commercials you see for the ASPCA? That's exactly what he looks like... i can feel every bone in his tiny frail body and its clear that who ever had him, hated him.

his fur is butchered and cut up, his belly fur is matted and someone cut his whiskers off and burnt his ears...

I can't even type this without crying...

How!? i mean WHO would do something like this to a poor defenseless animal?

I'm sick at the thought of what he has went through in his short life....

I stopped at the store and got him his own dishes and litter box and food. I want to save him but i dont want to risk my sweet Eloise so i'm keeping him in the bathroom for the night and tomorrow morning i'll be taking him to the vet...

I dont care what it takes to make him better, i will do it... he's so sweet, and lovable, even after everything he's been through. He probably loved his owner and they just abused him and the threw him away as if he was nothing... but yet he's still fighting, he still loves so hard... he's still alive.

It's almost like i know what he is feeling, to love someone so much even though they use and abuse you, then throw you away... even after everything, you still only want to believe there is good there.... even when you know there isnt, you still keep living and loving, only stronger this time.

What doesnt kill you does make you stronger, i believe this with all my heart.

All i want to do is show him a better life. I hope he makes it through the night... if he does i promise to make every day until his last, wonderful.

Also one of my little El...


  1. need too know what happened too this cat asap. :'( terrible how some people treat animals.

  2. We the vet visit went much better than i expected! Turned out he is a she! And yes, shes been beaten and starved, another day would have killed her but no shes on the road to recovery! All her test came back negative, she got her shots and now shes good to go! I'll need to get atleast 2 pounds on her ASAP but they way she eats i think she can do it. Poor little thing, the worst part is, all she wats it to be loved, petted and snuggled. And i will give her this until her very last day.

  3. KK:

    How sweet! I hope your kitty gives you back all the love you are giving it.

    Now back to my adopted ex-feral kitty.


  4. Kellie you are an angel. <3

    That little cat and you and El will have a wonderful life together full of lots of love.

  5. We will need updates on the newest addition to your brood, especially her name!