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Saturday, July 3, 2010

New place, new beginings...

I've had net for a few days but can't seem to make myself use it... I'm having entirely too much fun unpacking and decorating my new place. It's dorky i know but i cant even begin to explain how great this is. I can do... what i want... when i want! It's awesome! If i wanna walk around naked i can! YES! Oh yea, Cara Cakes is here and we're just having fun hanging out! God i love this girl.

They boys are super happy here and love they're fenced in courtyard. I love that's there's 3 bedrooms! lol I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone and I thought i'd share with everyone. When you walk in to the front door you in the great room, it's a giant room with my kitchen, dining room and living room all in one and when you walk across it there's another door to the fenced in courtyard. Down the hall there are 3 bedrooms, aka a bedroom, a walkin closet/office/way too girly room and then a spare guest room. My office is the only space in the house where i'm going nuts with color. I prefer neutrals and earth tones for the most part but i also always wanted a cupcake and ice cream themed room and now that i have the space i can do that. They doorways are extra wide except for the closets, so i guess its easy to say this is a perfect fit for me! The house is basically a big rectangle. I like it, it's roomy, quite, updated and has central air... THANK GOD! It's been such a hot summer!

Yesterday while Cara and I were driving to visit my family we were stopped by this tiny little kitten in the middle of the country road! When i stopped she came running to us like, please help me! So it looks like i just added another member to my family. She still needs a name, any ideas? I couldn't be happier about it either.

This is the beginning of a beautiful life.

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  1. Cute kitty glad you love the new place