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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I promised myself to NOT look at www.OldNavy.com for awhile..... but i did. And now I'm a sad Kellie who is in desperate need of a new summer wardrobe. Why are plus size clothes so damn expensive? Oh.. that's right, it takes a whole lot of fabric to cover my 90+ inch ass... lol

Dear Summer, please be rainy and cold so I don't feel bad that I cant have that new, adorable, sexy dress.

With love and regret,


(Hahaha this is my sad face. Please excuse that i dont have make up on annnd have been rolling around in bed since i came in from outside haha)

So where do you find fashionable, affordable plus size clothes? I'd KILL to have a pair of jeans that fit. The only pair i have are held together by strings that i added in to fit me. lol And the last jeans i tried we're a 34 and they didn't even come up past my giant thighs...


  1. If money is an issue in buying plus-size clothing, maybe you should consider having a wish list on your web site. You can list the clothes you want and provide links to order them. It doesn't have to be just clothes either. You can list food items too.

  2. The "sad Kellie" face is just adorable. Just sayin.