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Monday, May 10, 2010

Pay it forward!

Today I went to the park to take a set and had a little picnic, it was a lot of fun. It was only about 65 - 70 but the sun felt so warm! I found a great new park that was more nature than playground. I loved every moment of it! After the park I headed to the movies but before hand I went to CVS to load up on snacks (yea i know that makes me a cheap ass haha) While waiting in line I noticed the cashier staring at me, she was a very young girl, probably a teenager, she was beautiful! When it was my turn to check out she smiled really big and said, "You're so pretty, and I love your hair." I couldn't help but blush! I thanked her and she told me to have a blessed day, it was really nice.

When I got to the theater I was greeted by a really nice ticket guy. He looked just Sam from Bennie and Joon! I couldn't help but blurt out- "You're really handsome!" yea I felt a little silly but his face lit up and he wouldn't stop thanking me for telling him that. Turns out he was having a bad day and was feeling really down and all it took was one friendly smile and a compliment to make his day bright again.

I then went to the concession stand for some popcorn. The guy that helped me was allllll smiles and my "FA-dar" started to go off! I told him I wanted a large popcorn and a large Mr.Pibb. He asked me if it was ok that he made me a new batch and asked if he could bring it to me so I could go sit down. I wasn't saying no to that! I grabbed my pop and went in. About 10 minutes later he came in with 2 large popcorns, a bag of gummy worms and a snickers! I stood up to meet him at the bottom of the stairs and he told me not to move, that he wanted to bring the snacks to me! Well i wasn't saying no to that one either! After he handed me everything he told me he added extra butter just for me! He thanked me and went back to the stand.

Sometimes I am amazed at the kindness of strangers. "Justin" really made my night. I'll be sure to go back to that theater again some time soon!

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  1. Look at you with the good day! Good for you and everyone around you!