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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Update on my C4S!

There are 2 new clips in my store!

Chocolate Cake Stuffing and Fat Chat!
Mmmmm i just found my FAVORITE cake of all time! I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but lately its all i want! Watch me enjoy cramming this cake into my mouth and tell you about how fat its making me, all those delicious calories YUM! I finish it and cant help but burp! I wish i had more! I end the clips by rubbing and jiggling my big round swollen belly. <3

Too Fat To Fit ANYWHERE! Episode 2

While going on a picnic i found a table i could actually fit in! I was so excited i sat right down and ate a big yummy lunch... But when i was done, i had gotten myself stuck! My belly had swollen so big it wedged itself under the table and i had to work hard to get out!! After that i went to the movies, i tried sitting in the seats but there was no way i was sitting in just one, i took up 2 whole seats! (plus a third one i filled with snacks! haha I love my big growing body! (Bonus, Chocolate Cake Stuffing added to the end of this one!)


  1. Damn, these two pics are so HOT!

  2. Having seen the pictures on your site regarding the date, girl, if you're going to use the table, you may as well use it to its FULL advantage. ;)

  3. make more videos

  4. i would love to be that bench....